5 Budgeting Tips During Confinement

There are a lot of new expenses that come along when you have a new baby. It starts with paying for the confinement nanny that you know you can’t make it through without and ends with a never-ending list of baby supplies that your little one won’t make it through without. Following are five tips that will help you survive this period financially as well as mentally.

Budgeting Tip #1: Stock up before bringing the baby home.

The moment you discover that you are pregnant, it is time to start stocking up on all the supplies you know you will need. Start collecting coupons and matching them up to sale prices at stores for baby wash, diapers, disposable wipes, and all the other things you know you are going to need.

You may also be able to take advantage of samples and other freebies that baby product manufacturers often give away. Even if it is just one free diaper or a sample of baby wash, you can collect these things and have a nice stockpile by the time your baby is born.

Budgeting Tip #2: Get crafty and make diapers, wipes, rags, and other essentials.

If you are going to use cloth diapers, you can make them on your own for a fraction of the price they sell in stores or online. You can even make cloth wipes to keep your baby clean and fresh. It is also very cheap and easy to make disposable wet wipes at home, though you may want to wait until it is closer to time to bring the baby home so they don’t dry out over time.

If you have a sewing machine you can even collect adult and child sized t-shirts from around your home and turn them into baby wear. Flannel shirts and jackets can be turned into baby blankets, burp cloths, and warm baby sleepers. These things are expensive in stores, but with a bit of thread, sewing machine, and some old clothes already in your home you can save tons of money.

These are all great time passers while you are waiting to have your baby as well!

Budgeting Tip #3: Create a hand-me-down circle of friendship.

Do you know others in your neighborhood that have had babies in the past year? How many other expectant mothers do you know? You can coordinate a circle of friendship with all of these other mothers so clothing and other needed items can be handed down from one family to another. As the circle grows there will be different sizes of clothing available for more and more parents to be involved.

The idea here is that everyone receives some things they need from others. While giving away things that you no longer need you help someone else and receive things you do need from others. This circle can continue as your children grow, since children’s clothing can be quite expensive.

Budgeting Tip #4: Don’t buy what you don’t need.

Most parents don’t use baby changing tables often and they become useless once the baby is toilet trained. Think of things that you won’t necessary use or don’t absolutely need and simply don’t buy them. This is the simplest way to save money.

Budgeting Tip #5: Cut the junk food and eat healthy from the start.

Finally, you can save money just by not buying junk food and focusing on healthy foods during and after pregnancy. It will help you feel better and get your body back faster, but it will also save your budget!